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LED Click Bracelet
Using bright LEDs and evenly spaced contours this bracelet delivers an electric look that extends 36..
LED Color Changing Finger Light 4pk
Pack or 4 Color Changing Finger Lights Assorted Colors..
LED Flashing Glasses
Flashing LED Glasses, Multi-Mode Solid on, Strobe, Chase, Blink 3 AG-13/LR44 Batteries Included..
LED Light Stick-BLUE
**NEW LOWER PRICE** Durable LED light stick, long lasting batteries 3-modes Off, Constant, Flash..
LED Light Stick-WHITE
Durable LED light stick, long lasting batteries 3-modes Off, Constant, Flash Includes 3 AG13 Bat..
LED Lightshow Goggles
  Light Show Goggles  The LED Lightshow Goggles add some fun to the night.  Bright LED's ill..
LED Mini Wire String Lights
20 Solid Wire String LED Lights 1-Mode Operation on/off 8 Feet Long Requires 3 AA Batteries No..
LED Poi Ball - (Set of 2)
Great starter POI ball for beginners Includes Set of 2 Balls  Create and Amazing Tracer ..
LED Slotted Flashing Glasses-CLEAR
Transparent Clear Flashing Slotted LED Glasses Multi-Mode Solid on, Blink Batteries Included..
LED Sound Activated Bracelet
Our LED Sound Activated Circle Bracelets are great for all occasions! To activate, press the button ..
LED Strobe Wand
No Spinning here, Super Bright LED's intense light show action. Multi Mode 3 AAA Batteries In..
LED-Economy Flashing Stick
Colorful Flashing Stick 7 Flash Modes Includes 3 AG3/LR44 Batteries..
LED-Poi Stick
Use the button near the clip to cycle through 6 different colorful modes that allow for an endless n..
Pair of Ninja V3 LED Poi with Cole Cords
***New Ninja V3 LED Poi***  Thanks to all the great feedback from our hardcore Pro Ninja spinne..
We are honored to present the next level in poi evolution – podpoi™. Years of engineering and develo..
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