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Our new, improved fentanyl test strips can quickly and reliably detect fentanyl and most of its known analogs in a drug sample. Unlike other strips on the market, they do not produce false positives with meth, MDMA, or cocaine.



Fentanyl and its analogs are highly potent synthetic opioids many times stronger than heroin. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from unknowingly ingesting fentanyl-contaminated drugs. Today, illicitly-purchased opioids – including counterfeit pharmaceutical pills like oxycodone – almost always contain fentanyl.

As of late 2022, the main non-opioid drugs being contaminated with fentanyl are cocaine, meth, and counterfeit pharmaceuticals like Xanax. We have recently received increasing reports of fentanyl-contaminated ketamine, MDMA, and other drugs. No matter what drug you consume,  it is always best to TEST BEFORE YOU INGEST.TM

WARNING: Fentanyl test strips from other sources don’t work the same as ours. We conducted an independent study in conjunction with the University of California assessing five brands of strips sold on the market. Most could not detect common fentanyl analogs, many gave false positives with commonly used drugs, and one did not work at all. Before you test, make sure you have a DanceSafe branded strip.

To learn more about our new strips and fentanyl test strips in general, please read our main fentanyl page and our introductory brochure.


Note: Every order receives one printed instruction sheet. See this image or click here for a hi-res PDF.

When testing your drugs for fentanyl, it is very important to follow the instructions. Use the information below to determine the right dilution for the form of drug you’re testing, and wait a full three minutes before assessing the results. While there are only three basic steps to this process, correctly diluting your drugs is important to ensure accuracy.


    1. No fentanyl test strip on the market can detect every fentanyl analog.
    2. There are no strips that can detect non-fentanyl synthetic opioids like isotonitazene.

A negative result does not guarantee that your drug sample is free from all synthetic opioids.


When fentanyl (or a fentanyl analog) is mixed in with heroin, cocaine, or other drugs, it is NEVER mixed evenly. Powder from one side of a baggie (or on the edge of a pressed tablet) may contain no fentanyl at all, yet powder from the other side may contain a fatal dose. This is called the “chocolate chip cookie effect” and is why it is best to test every bit of the drug you intend to consume!

We’ve also included a backup option below (the “partial test” method) that can be used in case of emergency, or if you lack the resources necessary to conduct a full test.

Test everything you intend to consume

Testing everything requires dissolving your entire dose or batch in water.

  • For drugs consumed orally, you can dissolve your dose and drink the water after testing. (The strips do not contaminate the water.)
    • Dissolving your dose is a good move if you want to test your drugs right before taking them orally. (Ex. Measuring and testing 120 mg of MDMA before consuming it.)
  • For drugs like cocaine or meth that people like to insufflate (snort), you can get the powder back by evaporating the water. (Instructions below.)
    • Dissolving your entire batch is useful and efficient because you can test all of your doses at once, but you’ll need to take the time to evaporate the water back out before it’s usable.


STEP 1: Preparing and diluting your drugs

Whether you are testing everything you intend to consume or a smaller portion of your drugs, you need to dilute the powder in the correct amount of water.

Crystals or Powdered Drugs

STEP 2: Using the strips

After you have diluted your drug using our instructions above, it’s time to use the strips.holding fentanyl test strips

1. Hold the yellow end of the test strip and insert the other end into the liquid.

2. Allow the liquid to travel up the strip into the test area for a full 15 seconds.

3. Remove the strip and set it down on a flat surface. Wait about three minutes.

STEP 3: Interpreting the results

One red line on top (closer to the yellow end) after waiting three minutes is a POSITIVE result for the presence of fentanyl. Two red lines is a NEGATIVE result.

  • The lower red line may be significantly lighter than the upper red line. If you can see it at all after waiting three minutes, no matter how faint, it is still a negative result.
  • No red lines (or one red line on the bottom, closer to the dotted end) means the test is invalid. Usually this happens because the liquid did not travel far enough up the test strip.

fentanyl test strips results

IMPORTANT! Sometimes a very faint red line will initially appear in the lower area, then quickly fade away. Do NOT confuse this with a negative result. Always wait three minutes before interpreting the results.