Full Face LED Display Mask


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1. Control face change on the app: there are 45 dynamic pictures and 70 static pictures for you to choose from, you can even DIY words and change Face at will!
2. Create your own custom pictures to display on the app
3. Full color LED glow

Material: ABS plastic + PVC lens + silicone
Product model: 45 dynamic pictures 70 static pictures
Support multiple languages: 10 kinds
Size: 22*17*7cm

Recharge model (built-in battery)
Charging time: 5 hours TYPE-C charging
Use time: 12 hours
Rechargeable battery: 10 hours power
Battery capacity: 2000MAh
Battery model: 103450
Pixel point: 46 * 58
TYPE-C charging: 5V/2A.