Crystal poi lite v2 with FS Flowlights


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  • lightweight, streamlined glowstringing poi
  • 30+ adjustable and 10 programmable modes, autoplay, motion response, battery level indicator, global brightness adjust and more
  • awesome j-lace for stringing
  • custom 3D-printed crystal case v2
  • comes with rechargeable batteries and charger
  • durable with an amazing lifetime warranty

Comes as a pair with:

  • 2x flowlight-FS
  • 2x crystal case v2s
  • 2x silky-smooth black j-lace leashes
  • 2x rechargeable NiMH AAAs
  • 1x 2-bay charger

Lace: Solid and flat, not hollow, with zero stretch for precise and consistent handling, this silky-smooth weft-knitted, polyester ribbon is supple and durable. At 0.5mm thick x 9mm wide, it’s wide enough for comfortable handling without being bulky.

Batteries: Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA at full brightness throughout battery life. Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact.