6in Revolution – 5 Minute Glow Stick (10 Pack)


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High intensity five minute ultra glow sticks designed specifically with user experience in mind. Revolution Ultra High Intensity sticks are sold in customized bags – 10 sticks or 5 pairs to a bag. You will also receive 10 Revolution strings or laces inside of each bag. Use them as you like – if you freehand or prefer a different string keep them around to pass out.

Revolution Intensity Chart (See additional images) shows relative intensity measurements for the sake of color comparison. Scale runs 1 to 10 with 10 being the brightest and 1 being the dimmest. For example, b7 indicates that blue activates and performs at a level brighter than white, but not as intense as aqua, yellow, green, orange. Blue is rated at 7

Important Revolution Information: You are buying 5 minute high intensity glow sticks / light sticks. This line of products is designed for people with a targeted goal – insanely bright light for under ten minutes.

Revolution high intensity glow sticks feature a sturdy hook and a hole. If you do not prefer hook we recommend removing any extra plastic using safety scissors. Our sticks utilize secure plastic plugs at the base of each stick to contain the glow chemicals. To activate; bend, snap, and shake.

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