Glowby Bandz

Glowby Bandz
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New Glowby Bandz in standard light colors with white strip background

Light yourself up with incredibly-bright and versatile Glowby Bandz light strips  Wear the flexible strip as a headband, wristband, necklace, or anklet - you can wrap them almost anywhere! Use two G-Bandz to make a belt, or wrap them around your hair - use your imagination!  While ideal for any dusk/nighttime event, Glowby Bandz are so amazingly bright that they can even be worn in daytime.  

Wrap Glowby Bandz once around your head or neck, 3 times around your wrist, or twice around your ankle - then attach the two ends via the clip.  Maximum length/circumference is 24", but G-Bandz are completely adjustable to any shorter length.  And the strip can be cut permanently shorter if so desired.

Easily turn on/off via the push-button switch.  The small 23A battery is included; lifetime is typically 5-10 hours. The battery will recover somewhat with rest, so it may last longer if used for shorter periods, rather than +5 hours at a time. The battery is easily replaceable in seconds; just slide the battery sleeve down, replace the battery, and slide the sleeve back up.  Glowby Bandz are completely safe - they do not pose any electrical danger.  

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